BLUE MARLIN KOMODO, is Labuan Bajo’s first PADI 5 Star Resort providing guests with day trips catering to different levels and styles of diving, liveaboards, PADI courses taught by multilingual PADI instructors, the only purpose-built training pool in town, accommodation options for different budgets and a restaurant serving delicious meals all the while offering world class views and spectacular sunsets.

Blue Marlin Komodo has now earned Trip Advisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” for the past four years. Also, in 2014 and 2017, Blue Marlin Komodo was honoured with the award “In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Continuing Education” by PADI as with our arrival, there has been a drastic increase in the number of people in Labuan Bajo taking courses. We want you to know that, whatever your level of experience, Komodo offers a wide array of experiences that are sure to delight first-time divers while still harbouring surprises and challenges for even the most experienced divers.

Spend your days basking in the sun, admiring the beauty of Komodo’s islands, swimming with the diverse marine life and travel back in time to walk alongside the prehistoric Komodo dragons.

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Meet The Team
  • Anisha
    AnishaGeneral Manager

    Anisha is a Staff Instructor with 4 years of teaching under her belt and is certified to teach Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air, Emergency O2 Provider, NightandShark Awareness Specialities. She can teach in Hindi and English, and on the rare occasions she escapes from the office to actually go diving she likes to explore wrecks.

  • Waz

      Hailing from Jersey (the one between England and France not the one in the US), Waz has been at Blue Marlin Meno just a couple of months longer than his best buddy Nico. The course he enjoys teaching the most is the PADI Rescue Diver course, during which he will really put your through your paces, challenging you to handle all kinds of problems both above and below the water. He speaks fluent English, Australian, American, Canadian…and is guaranteed to make you laugh into your regulator.

    • Nico

        Nico has been diving for almost 20 years and joined Blue Marlin Meno in June 2013. He can teach in both French and English and has a passion for videography and octopuses (octopi? octopodes?). He is at his happiest when he’s sharing his love for diving with you…provided you follow his number one rule, which is “always look good”. And he does indeed look good in a wetsuit.

      • Tamar

          Tamar discovered diving by accident when she was coerced into trying a Discover Scuba Dive despite protestations of cowardice and a dislike of putting her face in the water. Four months later she was a Divemaster and has been an Instructor since 2015. She loves nudibranchs and UV Night Dives, and can teach Deep, Wreck, Night, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Aware Fish Identification, Enriched Air and Emergency O2 Provider Specialities.

        • Rahil
            RahilOffice Manager

            Rahil is the longest serving member of the Blue Marlin Meno team and has been with us since 2002. Though she be small, she is undoubtedly mighty, and keeps us all on the straight and narrow.

          • Basni

              Basni is a very welcome addition to the team. She helps Rahil keep the office running smoothly and keeps us smiling with her slinky dance moves. Before joining Blue Marlin she ran her own business in her home city of Mataram.

            • Jay
                JayCompressor Guru

                Jay is the man who keeps you underwater longer with a good full fill of air in your tank. Once the tanks are filled he also likes to come out on the boat to help you with your gear. He gives the best massages on the island (strong hands from lifting tanks and twisting all those valves).

              • Bahri
                  BahriPool Maintenence

                  Blue Marlin Meno just would not be the same without Bahri’s ever-present smile. He is justifiably proud of the swimming pool, which he lovingly tends to make sure you have crystal clear water to practice your skills in. He enjoys helping out on the boat too and there’s nothing nicer than surfacing from a great dive to see Bahri ‘s beaming face welcoming you back to the boat. We’re still trying to persuade him to come underwater with us though.

                • Ardi

                    Ardi has a personality as big as his broad shoulders and a cheeky sense of humour. He is an experienced captain, having first learnt his craft back in 2005, and knows all the best drop-in points. He’s always ready to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

                  • Adi

                      We call Adi “Mr 100,000”. He’ll do anything for you….for 100,000Rp. Like most of our boat crew he’s lived all his life in Pemenang in north Lombok, and in his spare time likes to race cars. He was very excited to go on his first ever Discover Scuba Dive with us recently, and now he knows first-hand just why we all love being underwater so much he would like to train to become a Divemaster.

                    • Hasan

                        This is Hasan’s first job as a captain after having gained experience working as a crewman over on Gili Trawagan. He is really looking forward to learning to dive with Blue Marlin Meno. When he’s not holding the helm he’s almost certain to be holding a good strong cup of coffee.

                      • Hamrin

                          Hamrin is a steady, reliable pair of hands. He has tried diving but is much happier on the boat than below the waves. In fact the only time you’ll see him looking happy in the water is when he’s relaxing in our pool between dives: the water jets give a great back massage.

                        • Rian

                            Rian is another man who always has a smile on his face. He’s always quick to help with anything you need and is a reliable and friendly character. We have discovered one thing that wipes the smile off his face though…on his recent Discover Scuba Dive he was rather alarmed to come face to face with a giant moray eel.

                          • Herman

                              Modest, quiet and dependable, Herman gets the job done without fuss or fanfare, and this holds true in his private life too. One evening after work he quietly slipped away on his motorbike, picked up his fiancee and whisked her away to be married in secret. He has since agreed to a suitably modest celebration with close friends and family though.

                            • Furnaen

                                Furnaen is an experienced crewman, having worked over at Gili T before coming here. He’s the strongman of the team: in his spare time he likes to go running and work out (and that’s after a day of lifting tanks into the boat!)

                              • Dana
                                  DanaCompressor Guru

                                  Dana is passionate about looking after our tanks and you can have no doubt that we will be meeting all our maintenance schedules with him on the job. He’s also a keen linguist and will love to learn a few words of your language if he doesn’t already know some. When not at Blue Marlin he spends time caring for his pet owl

                                • Candra

                                    An enthusiastic addition to the team, Candra has enjoyed the switch from waiting tables to crewing a dive boat. He uses so much energy during the day though that he reckons he is too tired to do anything but sleep when he goes home. He does sometimes manage to get to the gym though and is also learning to spin poi. We’re looking forwards to seeing a demonstration one day.

                                  • Alpian

                                      Another newcomer to the diving business, Alpian is the strong, silent type who watches everything and is learning fast.

                                    • Corinne (Coco)
                                        Corinne (Coco)General Manager

                                        Coco lives for coffee, chocolate and cheese. Hailing from Switzerland, Coco used to be a news presenter on the radio… Until she travelled to Southeast Asia and discovered scuba diving. She has been working as a PADI-Professional for more than 6 years and has been part of the Blue Marlin Family for over 3 years. Coco now co-manages Blue Marlin Air and makes sure that you enjoy your diving holiday to the fullest. She answers your questions and inquiries in Swiss-German, German, English and, if you ask nicely, even French. Occasionally you will still be able to meet her underwater when she gets you hooked on your diving adventure.

                                      • Pieter
                                          PieterGeneral Manager

                                          Pieter could have been a professional cyclist, furniture maker, green keeper, landscaper, fruit picker, climber or painter. But somewhere in between the Netherlands and travelling the rest of the world, he got sucked into the diving industry. In over 8 years as a PADI Professional, he has taught hundreds of students and completed thousands of dives. You’ll now find him in residence as co-manager of Blue Marlin Air. Pieter deals with millions of questions every day, juggles queries about rooms, boats, housekeeping, horse carts and much more with never-ending patience.

                                        • Jenni
                                            JenniRestaurant Manager
                                          • Brian
                                            • Nikki
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